Uncertainty Review Guide

Taylor, “An Introduction to Error Analysis.”



You are expected to be able to use all of these concepts.


Significant Figures:

Basic Sig Figs:                                                             Sect 2.1-2.3

Uncertainty more accurate than sig figs:                     Sect 2.8


Propagation of errors:

Add/Subtract:                                                              Sect. 3.5          Eqn. 3.16

Multiply/Divide:                                                        Sect. 3.6          Eqn. 3.18

Function of 1 Variable:                                               Sect. 3.7          Eqn. 3.23

“Chain Rule”, Dominant Errors:                                 Sect. 3.8


Standard Deviations:

Counting Statistics:                                                     Sect. 3.2          Eqn. 3.2

Standard Deviation:                                                    Sect. 4.2, 4.3   use calculator

Standard Error (Stand. Dev. of the Mean)                  Sect. 4.4          Eqn. 4.14


Systematic Errors:                                                                  Sect. 4.1, 4.6






Advanced Topics (Look up when necessary)

Rejecting Data:                                                            Ch. 6

Weighted Average:                                                      Ch. 7