(Probable) Exam #1 Topics


            Galilean Transformation

Inertial Reference Frame                Clock Synchronization

                                                Light Clock

Time Dilation                            t=gt; carefully define each t

                                                Space-time diagram

                                                Twin paradox

Length Contraction                    L=gL;   carefully define each L

                                                Space-time diagram

                                                Pole-barn paradox

Simultaneity                              Space-time diagram

                                                Causality, timeline vs. spacelike separation, light cone

Lorentz Transformation


Velocity                                     Instantaneous vs average,

                                                Vector components

                                                Graphs, x vs t, v vs t, a vs t

Acceleration                                Instantaneous vs average,

                                                Vector components

1D Kinematics                            Constant acceleration ,  

2D Kinematics                           Vector equations: separate x and y parts.


                                                Landing: y=0,     Meeting: x1=x2 and y1=y2 at same time

                                                Y=0 problems:  symmetric trajectory, Vytop=0, t = 2tdown =2tup

                                                Yf=h problems: quadratic equation

                                                Separate physics from math

                                                Eeyore drop problem

Uniform Circular Motion              , direction toward center

                                                X=rcos(wt), y=rsin(wt)

Newton’s Laws

Newton I                                    Inertia, constant velocity unless a net force

Newton II                                  

Newton III                                  Pairs act on different objects, pairs

Free Body Diagrams                   Only forces acting ON the object

Forces:                                      Fundamental vs. derived

                                                Gravity:  -g at surface of earth

                                                Normal: any direction, kept from entering other object

                                                Tension, spring


Physics 190