Course Schedule

Here is an outline of the expected structure of the course. While this is based on what happened in the past it is really only a guess about this year. The lab schedule is firm because we keep the labs in Physics 100 and Physics 200 in sync with each other because both courses share the same labs.

Week: Dates Topics Readings Laboratory
1: 8/30 1-D Kinematics TBA in class No Lab
2: 9/2-9/5 1-D Kinematics, Vectors   Uncertainty
3: 9/9-9/13 2-D Kinematics   Acceleration
4: 9/16-9/20 Newton's Laws of Motion   Projectile Motion
5: 9/23-9/27 Newton Contd. & Circular Motion   Newton's 2nd Law
6: 9/30-10/4 Gravitation, Orbital Motion   No Lab (Exam I)
7: 10/7-10/11 Work and Energy   Energy Conservation
8: 10/14-16 Momentum and Fall Break   No Lab (break)
9: 10/21-10/24 Centre of Mass, Rotational Motion   Ballistic Pendulum
10: 10/28-11/1 Rotational Motion about a Fixed Axis   Rotational Motion
11: 11/4-11/8 Statics, Equilibrium, and Fluids   Fluids
12: 11/11-11/15 Fluids, Pressure, and Flow   Hidden Object
13: 11/18-11/22

Vibrations and Waves

  No Lab (Exam II)
14: 11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Break   No Lab (break)
15: 12/2-12/6 Thermodynamics I: Temperature, Kinetics and Heat   Standing Waves
16: 12/9-12/13 Thermodynamics II: Entropy and the second law   Latent Heat
Monday 12/16
Final Exam 7-10pm in the evening.

Physics 100

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