Physics 195: Other Resources

This is a place to collect links to various interesting places on the web or to tools for the class.

I start with some articles on how to study physics. Some of them were written quite a long time ago but they still contain some very good advice.

How to Study Physics (1955)

Tips for Studying Physics (1997)

Then we have a set of Maple demonstrations of waves, particularly of Fourier methods for handling waves. The first three show the decomposition and re-assembly of a Fourier solution for the string plucked at the center.

These are Maple files and you can't just click on them. You need to right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the link and then select save link as to save the file to your disk. You can then open it in Maple under Citrix, though you will have to navigate to it and allow Citrix to access your disk.

Finding the Fourier Coefficients the hard way.

Finding the coefficients the easy way.

Rebuilding the wave.

The next one, though maybe it should have been first, is a package of Maple tutorials. I looked at the new Maple14 tutorial stuff and found it to be almost useless so I went back to an earlier version of Maple and copied some of the useful tutorials from there. This is a zip file that contains a directory with 5 short Maple tutorials in it. Working through these will get you a very good introduction to the kinds of Maple use that we often need. As usual you will have to download the link not just click it. If your system does not automatically expand zip files then will also need to force the file to expand. That will give you a directory (folder) with 5 Maple files in that you can open using Maple on the Citrix.

A Short Maple Tutorial

Then we have the demonstration of how to build a travelling wave out of standing waves.

Travelling Wave Demo

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