Physics 290 Quantum Physics Fall 2012


Guide to Physics 290       Fall 2012
Text: Modern Physics Tiper and Llewellyn
Meetings at 10 a.m., M,W,F Lab: Tues. and Wed. 1--4 p.m.
Week Date Lab Reading
Chap. ~Topic
0 Friday 31-Aug - HRW! Classical Physics
1 Monday 3-Sep … review cont'd
Wednesday 5-Sep Radioactive decay HRW Ch. 19
Friday 7-Sep start B'body radiation
2 Monday 10-Sep
Wednesday 12-Sep Blackbody Radiation Tipler Ch. 3 more thermal
Friday 14-Sep Radiation
3 Monday 17-Sep
Wednesday 19-Sep Photoelectric Tipler Ch. 3 Particle properties
Friday 21-Sep Effect of waves
4 Monday 24-Sep
Wednesday 26-Sep Hydrogen spectrum Tipler Ch. 4 Early atomic models
Friday 28-Sep Bohr model of 1-e atom
5 Monday 1-Oct
Wednesday 3-Oct Exam Tipler Ch. 4 Bohr cont'd
Friday 5-Oct x-ray spectra
6 Monday 8-Oct
Wednesday 10-Oct Electron diffraction Tipler Ch. 5 Wave properties
Friday 12-Oct of particles
7 Monday 15-Oct Copenhagen
Wednesday 17-Oct Fall break Tipler Ch. 5 Uncertainty
Friday 19-Oct
8 Monday 22-Oct
Wednesday 24-Oct Bragg Diffraction Tipler Ch. 6 Schrodinger
Friday 26-Oct Wave mechanics - yay!!!
9 Monday 29-Oct
Wednesday 31-Oct Xray Spectroscopy Tipler Ch. 6 Time independent
Friday 2-Nov solutions
10 Monday 5-Nov
Wednesday 7-Nov Exam Tipler Ch. 6 Scattering
Friday 9-Nov
11 Monday 12-Nov
Wednesday 14-Nov Gamma Spectrscopy Tipler Ch. 7 Hydrogen atom
Friday 16-Nov (the real thing this time)
12 Monday 19-Nov
Wednesday 21-Nov Thanksgiving
Friday 23-Nov
13 Monday 26-Nov
Wednesday 28-Nov Interferometer Tipler Ch. 7 Spin
Friday 30-Nov
14 Monday 3-Dec
Wednesday 5-Dec Visiting lecture Tipler Ch. 7 Atomic physics
Friday 7-Dec "Interpretations of QM"
15 Monday 10-Dec Single Photon Cats
Wednesday 12-Dec Interference Mermin etc. Foundations and
Friday 14-Dec Interpretations
18-Dec Tuesday Final Exam, 9 a.m. (cumulative)



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