Class Profile

This is the information that I culled form the survey forms that you filled in on the first day of class.

Note that I put instruments in only once in any category no matter how many people listed them and I put instruments in only at the highest level listed. I did my best with the likes and dislikes. The questions were interpreted in a wide variety of ways and we have a fascinating collection of answers for which I thank you all.

Instruments Played a Little.

Guitar, Percussion, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Voice, Piano, French Horn, Ukelele, any brass, Trumpet

Instruments Played Quite Well.

Saxophone, French Horn, Piano, Bass, Drums, Vibraphone, Flute, Guitar

Instruments Played Very Well.

Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Bass, Voice, Cello, Euphonium

Musical Likes

1960s, easy listening, finger-pic guitar, piano sonatas, big-band jazz, Elvis Costello, vocals, percussion, rock, jazz, vocals, electric guitars, reeds, synthesizers, classical flute music, brass instruments, classical, R&B , film and theatre music, barbershop, classical/romantic orchestral, modern rock/pop.indie, low brass, playing music with others, post 2000 bad a capella, oh and something that I could not read.

Musical Dislikes

Vocal, much modern pop, country, rap, hard rock, emo, free jazz, country, autotune, opera, techno, Christian rock, rainsticks, percussion instruments, pop, dance music, gospel, early serialists, boy bands, contemporary music for teens, clashing notes, minimalist, melodramatic music culture, haughty musicians.

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