Sound Survey Results

Location Sound Levels in dB (weighting)
Events Barn 50.5(C),
Sadove basement 58.5(C),
Chem NMR Room 61(C),
In front of Chapel 63(C)
Bathroom 48(C)
Opus 1 48-68(A), 55, 57
Red pit 53-60peak68(A)
KJ Water feature 53-55(A)
Outside, various locations 44, <30,
McEwen 74(A), 78, 90 w/ streakers!, 74
Diner 74, 62
Music Library 48(A)
Kirkland glen <40(A), 39
Burke 42(A) 63(C), 38, 39
Empty Minor Theatre 42(A) 60(C)
Empty Chapel <40(A) 50(C), 65 w bells,
Practice room + Euphonium 90
Room quiet & w/ talking 40, 60 (probably A)
Science G070 56
Banging pots and pans 93
Crawl space 2nd floor Wertimer 68.5!
Gamelan room in play 92.5
Wellin empty 60.5 (probably C), 36 (almost certainly A)
Wellin w/ Jazz 84 (probably C)
Laundry running 56
Bio class 68
Spectator office 49
Soundproof room CJ 48(A), 65(C)
Root lobby 42(A), 42(C)
Bundy room at night <40(A), 47.5(C)


Physics 175