Physics Courses 2017-2018

This is a work in progress. All the active links lead somewhere. If there is no asterisk, the course title leads to current information about the course. Course titles followed by a single asterisk link to standard catalogue descriptions--you may need to scroll down to find the description. A double asterisk indicate links to sample information, probably from a previous iteration of the course.

Fall Semester 17

Spring Semester 18

100:Survey of Physics I

105:Survey of Physics II**

120:Survey of Physics I 160:Astronomy
190:The Mechanical Universe 195:Waves and Fields**
200:Physics I

205:Physics II**

290:Quantum Physics

245:Electronics & Computers

350:Classical Mechanics 295:Electromagnetism**
370:Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 390:Research Seminar**
480:Electromagnetic Theory 450: Quantum Theory
550:Senior Seminar

550:Senior Seminar