James W. Ring

Education and Experience


Ph. D. in nuclear physics from the University of Rochester in 1958, Sigma Xi.

A. B. with majors in physics and math from Hamilton College in 1951, Phi Beta Kappa.



PROFESSOR (1969-present), Hamilton College

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR (1962-69), Hamilton College.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (1957-62), Hamilton College.

VISITING SCIENTIST (1965-66) Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, U.K.

VISITING SCIENTIST (1973) Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University, Oxford, U.K.

VISITING SCIENTIST (1981) Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

VISITING SCIENTIST (1987) Laboratory of Heating and Air Conditioning, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark.

Research during these sabbaticals was supported by a fellowship from N.S.F., by grants from Hamilton College and by the institutions named.


Research with Undergraduates (recent years):

Kyrie Felio (1998) "Thermal Response in Homo Sapiens: Aging, Adapting Temperature, and Thermal Sensitivity".

Annis Gilbert (1995-96) "Suspension Bridges".

David Schloat (1994-95) "Human Sensitivity to Sinusoidal Changes in Temperature".

Neva Morales (1993-94) "Heat Detection in the Human Body and the Measure of its Effects by a Thermoelectric Device".

Syed Rafay Salim (1992-93) "The Physical Processes behind the Working of a Solar Still".

Ming Liu (1991-92) "Alpha Radioactive Decay".

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