Peter Millet


B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1961.

M.S. Syracuse University, 1963.

Ph.D. Syracuse University, 1969.

Thesis: "Three Reversed Spin Bound States in the Heisenberg Model of a Ferromagnetic Spin System."


Assistant Professor of Physics, Hamilton College, 1968-74.

Associate Professor of Physics, Hamilton College, 1974-80.

Litchfield Professor of Physics, Hamilton College, 1980-Present.

Associate Dean of the College and Associate Dean of Students, 1982-1985

Undergraduate Research

Recent undergraduate research projects with me fall into several categories—click on the links below for more information:

Recent projects under my supervision

Abrar Ahmed (14') "Dynamical behavior and complexity in certain evolutionary games"
Luke Sisler ('14) "An investigation of the acoustic impedance of a Helmholtz resonator"
Emi Birch ('14) "A field guide to teaching observation of the night sky"
Andrew Morrison ('14) "The Stirling Engine: Construction and experimentation"
Tae-Wook Kang ('13) "Construction of Helmholtz resonators and a study of Helmholtz resonator's Laser Deflection"
Allison Eck ('12) "About the Principle of Minimum Action: A guide to
C. H. F. Peters' Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität dissertation"
Cui (Olivia) Lin ('12) "Prisoner's Dilemma and More: Computer Model of Complex Systems Using Netlogo"
Erich Kreyling ('10) "Study of a laminar-to-turbulent flow transition"
Greg Schwedock ('10) "Entropy of a model complex system"
Emily Benzer ('08) "Investigation of the Metropolis and Demon Algorithms in Thermal Systems"
Todd Johnson ('08) "Nonlinear Dynamics of the Impact Oscillator and Human Perceptual-Motor Tasks"
Heather Parker ('07) "A Photometric Study of Variable Stars in NGC 6882"
Sarah Griffith (’06) “The Open Cluster Distance Modulus and a Study of NGC 6882/6885.”
Peter Coxeter (’05) “Further Insights into the Behavior of an Impact Oscillator.”
Olamide Harrison (’05) “On Complexity—An Investigation into Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata.”
Mary Beatrice Dias ('04) "An Analytical and Numerical Study of the Restricted Three-Body Problem."
Jessie McComb ('03) "The Search for Stability: Perturbations in the Orbital Elements of Three Asteroids."
Andrew Wiechmann ('02) "The computer and the asteroid: computer controlled pointing, tracking, and data reduction in the study of asteroids ."
Bryan Smith ('02) "Study of jet oscillations in an edge-tone generator."
Edward Nelson ('01) "Resonators: measuring pressure fields using laser deflection."
J. Michael Smith ('01) "Limiting magnitude and resolution on a CCD-telescope combination and the resulting precision of asteroid orbital elements."
Sarah Hall ('01) "Micrometeorite collection and analysis -- a link to the extraterrestrial environment."
Jezerik Gaddoura ('99) "Shock waves: a laser deflection technique for reduced-density channel measurements."
Nicole Henderson ('99) "Asteroid observation and analysis."
Matthew Hornbach ('98) "Asteroid orbits: theory and reality."


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