Physics 105

Professor Millet

Office: G053; Phone: x4706; email pmillet

Welcome to Physics 105, a continuation of Physics 100.  The subject material is interesting and challenging.  We spend a lot of time on electricity and magnetism, then move on to optics and at the end examine key notions of quantum physics and, if there's time, special relativity.

Your grade in this class will be calculated using the following weighting:

                  2 midterms and the final          18%, 18% and 24% = 60%

                  Homework                           15%

                  Quizzes                                5%

                  Lab                                     20%


Lab meets from 1-4 M, T, or W.  There is no lab the first week.  We will not have labs the weeks of exams.

We will be using electronic lab books. If you have to miss a lab because of illness or a scheduled college activity, please let your lab instructor know as much ahead of time as possible.


Homework will normally be due every week.  For the benefit of the graders, please make your work neat and easy to read and show your work!  We can’t give you any credit for correct answers if you give no justification.  Underline or highlight your final answer so the grader can find it.

For the sake of the graders (and for fairness to other students) late homework is strongly discouraged and will be penalized: -20%/day starting the first day.   I will be available to answer questions at the times shown below.


Monday         3:30-5:30 pm

Tuesday        3:30-5:30 pm

Friday          10 am - 12 noon

Other times by appointment

You are encouraged to discuss the homework problems with other members of this class.  This should involve a joint effort. Be sure that the work you hand in reflects your own understanding. You may also use the Q-lit center as a resource.


We will have three quizzes, on Fridays of weeks 3, 8, and 13 that count for a small portion of your grade. They will be based on homework problems and class notes.


The two midterms will be given during weeks 5 and 10.  They will be given during the evening from 7-10 pm on Wednesday.

The final exam will be cumulative and is scheduled for Friday, May 15 from 2 - 5 pm.


Physics 105