Kate Brown

Kate Brown

I am an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Hamilton College. I became interested in physics through astrophysics and cosmology, and cosmology remains my main research interest. In particular I have studied gravitational radiation arising from phase transitions, the chameleon model of dark energy, and other cosmological phenomena. However my research interests are broad and I’ve been fortunate to work on many other exciting projects in different areas of physics. My best-known work is interdisciplinary, debunking the idea that fractal analysis can be used to authenticate Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings. I am also interested in non-Hermitian quantum mechanics, wherein the canonical assumption that operators are represented by Hermitian matrices is relaxed, and the parity and time-reversal operator ensure real eigenvalues, etc.

All of my publications are under my maiden name (Kate Jones-Smith) and can be found here:


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