Steve Pullman - Science Technician (site under construction)



Continuing education for Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at SUNYIT, Marcy, NY.


In my twenty-five plus years at Hamilton I have provided technical support to the faculty and students in the Physics and Psychology Departments. My education and experience in electronics, machining and wood working has enabled me to assist in the collaboration of designing, fabricating and constructing numerous classroom and lab apparatus. These projects have included various fixtures and assemblies for optics, electromagnetic coil assemblies, electrical transducers, mechanical motion devices, a telescope CCD camera housing and cooling unit, vacuum systems, animal field and maze assemblies…digital and analog interfacing for computer control of auditory, visual and tactile stimulation…temperature sensing units, motor controllers, power supplies, relay switching units, timers…mini-head stage amplifiers used in the recording of action potentials of a single neuron stimulated response as well as numerous electrical /electronic circuits and cable assemblies for monitoring and recording animal position and activity in maze and field enclosures. My other responsibilities include assisting in the maintaining and repairing of science lab equipment - maintenance of the wood, electrical and machine shop facilities and inventory supplies. Assist faculty and students in the science shop with instruction and guidance on machine operations, tooling and hardware applications to better expedite teaching, research and senior projects.

Here are some recent projects and here I am instructing students on machining techniques in the old shop.


Interests and Hobbies: