Summary of Topics

Exam #1





Gravity, Spring, Normal

Friction                                                           skating

Static, Dynamic                                  anti-lock brakes

Newton’s 3rd Law                                                       rocket car

Momentum                                                                 2 ball collision, baseball bat

Impulse = F*t = Change in momentum          airbags, padding

Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum Conservation                 gyroscope, seasons

Right hand rule


Kinetic, Gravity, Spring                                 roller coaster, falling ball

Thermal energy                                               bouncing, friction

Circular Motion                                                          car turn, Ferris wheel


Elasticity, energy                                            bouncing balls, bats


Natural Frequency, Damping                         Tigger, drum, 2 sweet spots  

Resonance, Driven Oscillation                        broken glass, bridge collapse,

                                                                        Swing, clocks

Sound                                                              Musical Instruments, ear,

                                                                        thunder, speaker


Exam #2


Pressure                                                                      bed of nails

Pressure vs. depth                                                      air pressure, water tower

Buoyancy                                                                   floating bowling balls

Floating                                                                       iceberg, Cartesian diver

Barometer                                                                   drinking straw

Hydraulics                                                                  car lift

Moving Fluids

Continuity                                                      hose nozzle, cars on highway

                                                                        Airplane wing

Bernoulli                                                         aspirator, flying beach ball

Bernoulli, wake deflection                  Airplane wing

Turbulence                                                      tennis ball fuzz, golf ball

Air resistance                                      low, med, high speed ball

Laminer, part Laminer, all turbulent   baseball, stalling wing

Airfoil design                                      Airplane wing


Thermal Physics

Ideal Gas Law (PV=NkT)                              fire syringe, bike pump

Molecular picture                                          

Temperature                                       heat capacity of water

Phase transitions                                 energy in melting, boiling

KE distribution                                   evaporative cooling, vapor pressure  

Thermal Transfer

Molecular picture

Conduction                                         what feels cold, copper/stainless pots

Convection                                          forced air heating, windbreaker

Buoyancy                               hot air balloon, convection cell

                                                Sea breeze

Radiation                                             temp of sun & lightbulb,

                                                            nightvision goggles

                                                            wavelength v temp, intensity v temp

emissivity                               greenhouse effect

heat capacity                                       moderate temp near H2O, sea breeze

thermal expansion                               railroad tracks, thermostat


Refrigerator                                                     Freon, heat exchanger

4 cycle engine

4 strokes                                             fuel injection, spark plug, fly wheel,

                                                            starter motor, turbo charger

Compression ratio                              knocking, octane

Valves                                                 camshaft, crankshaft

Other                                                   Diesel engine, 2 cycle engine

Refrigerator                                                     Freon, heat exchanger



Topics for the rest of the course



Charges                                                           +/-, opposites attract, likes repel

Voltage, Electric field, conductors, insulators, force vs distance

Static Electricity, polarization                        static cling, sparks & lightning

Circuits                                                           flashlight, switch

House Wiring                                      grounding, polarized plugs, ground

                                                            fault interrupter, fuse/circuit breaker

Power Distribution                             AC/DC, transformers

TV                                                                   Electron Gun, steering, phosphor

Raster scan                                          525 lines, then return, 30 per sec

Color TV                                             3 guns


wavelength spectrum                                      Radio, microwave, infrared, ROY G-

                                                                        BIV, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray

Wavelength vs. size of object                         size<<wavelength, size>>wvelength

                                                                        Blue sky, red sunset

                                                                        White clouds, cell phone reception

Color vision                                                    simple RGB cone model (eg. yellow)

                                                                        additive color, subtractive color

                                                                        colored object/filters

Light at a surface                                            

Reflection                                            1 way mirror, diamond sparkle

Refraction                                           speed of light in glass, prism colors

total internal reflection                        fiber optic cable, diamond


Converging lens                                   parallel light focused to focal point

                                                            Image looks real


Accommodation                                  near point, range of lens

Near sighted, far sighted





Physics 120