Physics 105 Spring 2016 Schedule








January 19-22

Lab: Lab skills review



Ch17§1-3 Electric charges, insulators and conductors



Ch17§4-5 Coulomb’s law and electric fields (H1)

January 25-29

Lab: Coulomb’s Law

Ch17§6-7 Superposition, field lines, conductors


Ch17§8-9 Gauss’s law (H2)


 Ch18§1-2 Electric PE and potential difference (Q1)

Feb 1-5

Lab: Electroscope

Ch18§3 Equipotential surfaces and E-field lines (H3)


Ch18 Point charges and dipoles


Ch18§5,7 Capacitors and energy storage (H4)

February 8-12

Lab: Potential mapping

Ch19§1 Batteries and electric currents


 Ch19§2,3 Resistance, Ohm’s Law, EMF (H5)


Ch19§4,5 Electrical power; Parallel and series circuits

February 15-19

No lab

|| and series cont’d - Ch19§7 meters (H6) Internal resistance


Ch19§6 Kirchoff’s rules



Ch20§1,2 magnets and magnetic fields

February 22-26

Lab: Circuits

Ch20§3,5 Magnetic force and motion in B-fields (H7)


Ch20§6 Torque on a current loop and applications


 Ch20§7-9 currents Þmagnetic fields (H8)

Feb 29- March 4

Lab: B-field; solenoid

Ch20§10 Ampere’s law


Ch21§1,2 Demonstrations of EM induction; flux (H9)


Ch21§3,4 Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law

March 7-11

Lab: Cathode rays

Lenz demos and work/energy (H10)


Ch21§5,6 Generators and motional EMF


Maxwell’s equations;  (H11) (Q2)

March 14-25

Spring break!!!





March 28-April 1

Lab: EM induction

Ch23§1-3 Changing E Þ B and displacement current; EM waves; EM spectrum


Ch23§5,6 Producing EM waves; polarization; energy


Ch23§7 Light rays; laws of reflection and refraction; Snell’s law; TIR

April 4-8

No lab

 Ch23§9-10 Dispersion and polarization; (H12)


Ch24§1-2 Image formation by mirrors; ray tracing



Ch24§3-4 Mirror eq. Magnification

April 11-15

Lab: Snell’s law

Ch24§5 Image formation by lenses; ray tracing thin lens equation


Ch26§1 Wave or particle - take 1 - Huygen’s principle (H13)


Ch26§1,2 Interference 2-slit and multi-slit

April 18-22

Lab: Thin lenses

Ch26§3 Thin films (H14)


Ch26§4-5 Single slit diffraction and Poisson’s spot


Ch27§1 Galilean relativity, principle of relativity (H15)

April 25-29

Lab: Interference

Ch27§2 Einstein’s postulates and simultaneity


Ch27§3 Time dilation and length contraction (H16)


 Ch28§1 Photoelectric effect (Q3)

May 2-6

Lab: H-atom spectrum

Ch28§2 Line spectra and energy levels (H17)


Ch28§3 Bohr Model of hydrogen atom


Ch28§6 Particle waves; de Broglie l

May 9-15

Ch28§7 Wave-functions and uncertainty (H18)




Final exam (cumulative )

9am-noon (Thursday 5/15)



Physics 105